Coming Home Sessions: 

artistically capture your baby’s coming home day to remember these short, sweet moments. 


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Even if you can’t have your birth professionally photographed...

... we can still document your new baby in a special way that’s as close to actual birth photography as possible!

A Coming Home Session will professionally capture:


Older sibling(s) meeting the new baby! 


Leaving the hospital and going home for the first time


Grandparents laughing, smiling and crying meeting the new baby 


Your first family photos filled with love and joy!

Plus baby in his/her nursery, first bath and first feeding.

Fast forward 6-12 months... 

you're snuggling your sleeping baby trying to remember that day you brought them home from the hospital.


All the memories are a blur now.


How will you remember? 


  • Extended Payment Plans Available - because you only get a chance to photograph your baby's Coming Home session once! 

  • We are focused on making you comfortable and look your best. We know you just had a baby! We know how to photograph you & edit the photos so look your best (without posing you)!
  • Concerned about it being too chaotic? Don't worry! We will walk you through what to expect, we will photograph the day photojournalistically. This isn’t a typical photo session, we allow several hours to make sure no one feels overwhelmed or rushed. 
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A Note From Your Photographers ...

Hey y'all, we're Tavia & Stephanie!


We've photographed 150+ births at Tavia Redburn Photography. 

When COVID-19 made it so birth photographers weren't allowed into hospital rooms, we were so devastated for our clients. 

While a Coming Home session isn't exactly the same as birth photography, you're documenting the new member of your family! 


Schedule your 15 minute video consultation to see if you're a good fit for a Coming Home session & secure your due date because spots are limited. 

Talk soon! 



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